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Tein EDFC Active Pro - Electronic Damping Force Controller Kits

TEIN EDFC ACTIVE PRO Controller & Motor Kit - (Optional Strut Kit if applicable)

EDFC ACTIVE PRO is a high-spec version of EDFC ACTIVE, which enables automatic adjustment of damping force according to the changes in longitudinal G-force and vehicle speed, and comes with new and upgraded functions.

Newly-added features, such as individual adjustment of 4 shock absorbers, lateral (cornering) G-actuated automatic adjustment, vehicle speed pulse input and 2 additional input ports to communicate with drivers, are sure to bring out the full potential of each shock absorber as well as the vehicle itself.

Please enjoy another dimension of shock absorber performance that EDFC ACTIVE PRO brings.

NOTE - This product does NOT adjust vehicle ride height.

    * Four Wheel Independent Adjustment of Damping Force.
    * Lateral G-Actuated adjustment combined with Longitudinal for the most comprehensive control!
    * Simplified Installation/Wiring due to wireless control.
    * External Input for Vehicle Speed (Unaffected by loss of GPS)
    * 2 Additional Inputs for External Signals.

See Here for EDFC ACTIVE PRO Full Specification

    ~ High-Performance Stepping Motor for Damping Force Control replaces adjustment knob.
    ~ 3 Damping Force Adjustment Modes (16 levels / 32 levels / 64 levels).
    ~ Convenient Presets - 10 can be stored in memory for 'touch of a button' selection.
    ~ Triaxial Acceleration Sensor.
    ~ Volume/Brightness adjustment & Auto Dim function.
    ~ Self-Diagnosis & Alert - alarm if any faults in system are found.
    ~ Lock Function - Controls can be locked to prevent accidental changes.
    ~ Replacement parts are available if needed.

Optional Strut Kit - Only for certain applications to stop the motor turning and twisting cable.

Optional GPS Kit - Enables all Display Functions (Altitude, Longitude, Latitude, GPS clock etc).


Choose from options below (Motor Kit number will be on the listing for the kit you wish to use the EDFC with):

EDFC Model Controller Kit Motor Kit Strut Kit GPS Option
EDFC ACTIVE PRO M10-M10 EDK04-Q0349 EDK05-10100 -  
EDFC ACTIVE M10-M12 EDK04-Q0349 EDK05-10120 -  
EDFC ACTIVE M10-M14 EDK04-Q0349 EDK05-10140 -  
EDFC ACTIVE M12-M12 EDK04-Q0349 EDK05-12120 -  
EDFC ACTIVE M12-M14 EDK04-Q0349 EDK05-12140 -  
EDFC ACTIVE M14-M14 EDK04-Q0349 EDK05-14140 -  
EDFC ACTIVE M10-M14+STRUT KIT EDK04-Q0349 EDK05-10140 EDK06-K4474  
EDFC ACTIVE M12-M14+STRUT KIT EDK04-Q0349 EDK05-12140 EDK06-K4474  
EDFC ACTIVE M14-M14+STRUT KIT EDK04-Q0349 EDK05-14140 EDK06-K4474  
EDFC ACTIVE M10-M10+GPS EDK04-Q0349 EDK05-10100   EDK07-P8022
EDFC ACTIVE M10-M12+GPS EDK04-Q0349 EDK05-10120   EDK07-P8022
EDFC ACTIVE M10-M14+GPS EDK04-Q0349 EDK05-10140   EDK07-P8022
EDFC ACTIVE M12-M12+GPS EDK04-Q0349 EDK05-12120   EDK07-P8022
EDFC ACTIVE M12-M14+GPS EDK04-Q0349 EDK05-12140   EDK07-P8022
EDFC ACTIVE M14-M14+GPS EDK04-Q0349 EDK05-14140   EDK07-P8022
EDFC ACTIVE M10-M14+STRUT KIT+GPS EDK04-Q0349 EDK05-10140 EDK06-K4474 EDK07-P8022
EDFC ACTIVE M12-M14+STRUT KIT+GPS EDK04-Q0349 EDK05-12140 EDK06-K4474 EDK07-P8022
EDFC ACTIVE M14-M14+STRUT KIT+GPS EDK04-Q0349 EDK05-14140 EDK06-K4474 EDK07-P8022

NOTE - To use this EDFC ACTIVE PRO kit to control a damper kit with Separate Compression/Rebound Adjustment (e.g. SUPER RACING) you will need to purchase the 'Tein EDFC Active / Active Pro - Compression/Rebound Extension Kit' on our other listing.

Price: £691.20
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